Thursday, July 12, 2012

Is Your Kitty Pretty?

Here is an ad that was in one of those coupon books that were mailed to my house recently. It caught my eye because it was colorful and eye-catching. Then I read the text and chuckled - ohhh that kind of kitty! 

Who doesn't like a good hair pulling?
Apparently The Pretty Kitty is a bikini waxing establishment where you can "Experience the Difference". I suppose the difference they are referring to is between shaving and waxing. Before I had kids, I tried getting Brazilian waxes a handful of times. Then, to save money, I tried waxing my bikini line myself at home with several different 'miracle' products. After much money, pain, time and struggle, I ended up shaving anyway. There was not a significant change in hair growth.

After my first child was born, I splurged and signed up for a laser hair removal package at a local med spa establishment. I went for underarms and bikini which cost me over $1000. Then I ended up signing up for another package because I still had hair growth. Eventually I just gave up and resorted to shaving again. Which is what I will continue to stick with. 

Sphynx Cat
Hairless Sphynx Cat
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My friend and I were just talking about the infomercial for the 'No No!' and we are both intrigued by it. It's a personal hair removal system. It sounds great in theory, but at the cost of $270 and no guarantee that you'll be hairless, I would put my money towards more economical and minimal-effort razors. Don't even mention the old torture device the Epilady! OUCH!

As a mom of three, who really runs their hands down my stubbly legs or sees me up close in a bikini that often anyway? Plus, I sort of like the five o-clock shadow! The real 'Pretty Kitty' is not a hairless feline, it is way more domesticated than that!

No No! Hair Removal System

Epilady 4th Generation (!)


  1. Hmmmm, interesting. My brain stopped listening to those gimmicks and I have resigned myself to the good old razor. I occasionally do the threading for my eye brows, then I get lectured because I pluck my eye brows in between sessions. But my eye brows grow so fast that I'd have to be getting the threading done every couple of days if I didn't!

  2. I am old. Bikini waxing didn't become a popular service until I was about 30 and someone had to explain to me what it was -- and I was like, "you've got to be kidding." I managed to live quite nicely without it all those years and saw no reason to start then. Now... Eyebrows and facial hair is another matter, and the older I get, the more I need it. A not very pretty reality.

  3. This is probably a popular place in the summer, one would guess?

  4. As long as I'm in the game ... I'll pay no attention to the how & very "interesting" methods. I'm glad to only shave the beard.

  5. The pain of waxing has me running scared... I got such a bad rash the first time I got a brazilian, I never got it done again! (I know TMI) Anyhoo, back to the razor I go, just like you. I'll leave the pretty kitty stuff to the single girls & playboy models... lol. Fun Post!

  6. Oh that kind of!! I am so afraid to try this, but I need too.

  7. I just wax at home. The upside is that my hair doesn't grow all that quickly anymore. And you're right, it's unlikely that anyone will ever see me in a bikini again. Ever.

  8. I don't know. When I was pregnant I had a really hard time bending down to shave...and it really lowered my moral (feeling stubbly all the time). I would do it just in preparation for that!