Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Birthday Gift Every Mom Would Love

WOW! 10,000 Beads!
My oldest chickadee just celebrated her 7th birthday and one of her friends gave her this most excellent gift - 10,000 beads jewelry making set! From the exterior of the box, you know she's going to have a blast making bracelets and necklaces - for all of 10 minutes! Inevitably, the box will accidentally get knocked over, bead spillage everywhere, she'll skip off to play with something else that strikes her fancy, then the l'il chicken hawk will pick up a stray bead, put it in his mouth, choke on it and die.

But mainly, I'll be left to clean up these 10,000 beads! Does my friend, the gift purchaser, have it out for me? Did I do something to anger her that she would curse our house with this? Does she want to push me completely over the edge of sanity?

To be honest, I look forward to sitting down with my chickadees and working on some high fashion jewelry - in a controlled environment. It will be a good bonding experience as well as practicing fine motor skills, I'm sure. But I really know how it will all go down already and it frightens me.

Perhaps I shall invest in some of these kid's sweeper shoes for ultimate bead sweeping. Reminds me of Pippy Longstocking's approach to cleaning.

"Let the Slipper Genie Do the Cleaning for You!" :)

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