Thursday, September 6, 2012

After Hours Party in Da Crib

My new favorite toys my chickadees received at their recent joint birthday party were these adorable, spunky Lalaloopsy dolls. I'm almost inclined to say they are even cuter than Strawberry Shortcake and Friends dolls, which is hard to top!

Lalaloopsy dolls caught partying in our dollhouse after hours

The other evening, in one of my rare attempts at tidying up the toy clutter that has invaded our home, I stumbled on these discarded and neglected little gems. I scooped them up, admired them, clutched them tight and took them upstairs to our mega-mansion dollhouse, so they could be more comfortable.

I almost found myself diving into 'Dolly Dialogue' like I did as a kid and how my chickadees do now. But I stopped short of that and just set them up sweetly on our toy chaise lounge and took their picture. I'm certain they stayed up all night after that chatting, giggling and getting hammered on Boones Farm wine coolers. Girls after my own heart! Aren't they just "SEW CUTE"?!

The fun thing is that the next morning, the chickadees discovered them in their dollhouse and instantly launched into playing with them. It was fun to see their joy and excitement as they stumbled on my little surprise. I need to do that more often. Maybe I can set a ridiculously funny or scary scene even. Sky's the limit!

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