Saturday, September 29, 2012

Anaheim Staycation Recap

Our end of summer Anaheim Staycation back in August seems so long ago now. All the relaxation and pampering has gone to the wayside as we've entered full-force into school, homework and activities. Regardless, I know you were waiting on pins and needles to hear how our little staycation actually went.

On Saturday mid-day, we drove up to the Anaheim Marriott and started things off right by valeting. I felt comfortable as a big family unloading all our kids and gear knowing we were so close to Disneyland and I'm certain they've seen it all before. They didn't bat an eyelash at our chaos on wheels!

The first thing we did when we got to our executive suite, aside from bouncing off all the furniture (kids), we ordered room service and turned on the TV. We also brought a bottle of champagne from home that we enjoyed - it was so heavenly!
Room service - family style
After watching the tail-end of an up-beat movie, Titantic, on the big TV (what a fun way to educate kids about water safety), we hustled out the door to catch the Anaheim Angels games. We had excellent seats and service. I ordered several margaritas that went down so smooth. The chickadees were psyched to get free Angels backpacks.

Let's go Angels!
Unfortunately, even though the game started out strong and the Angels were winning, we left early and they proceeded to lose to the Rays. Back at the Marriott, the chickadees loved the spaciousness of our suite and having their own room and beds. The l'il chicken hawk slept in a crib in the same room with them too so me and Daddy-O had our room to ourselves. Nope, there was no hanky panky, but I bet that's what you were thinking... What is more important to a tired, buzzed mom - sleep or sex? Hmm...tough call...

Daddy-O said the pillows were too soft, but I didn't have a problem whatsoever with the bed, pillows, sheets or comforter. I thought the bed was complete bliss and slept dreamily.

Sunday morning we went to partake of the Cafe del Sol breakfast buffet. Party of 5 with a high chair please!
I have to say without exaggeration, it was the most delicious breakfast ever. So much variety with beautiful displays of fresh food. I ordered eggs benedict made to order and thought I'd died and gone to heaven.  Above all, all the staff in the hotel were extremely courteous, friendly and responsive. They made it very easy to travel and relax with small children without worrying about annoying anyone.
Cafe del Sol Anaheim Marriott
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We ended our staycation with a trip to the pool and hot tub. Since we are early risers (not by choice), we beat the typical crowds and had no trouble getting lounge chairs and splashing around without running into people. The water was clean and warm; part of the pool is covered and protected from the sun and the other is in full sun, which is good for those of us who crave sunlight.

I would definitely return to the Anaheim Marriott with the family (or without) again. Two days wasn't nearly long enough, but it was better than spending the weekend at home doing chores! Perhaps I will have to win another drawing in order to experience this level of leisure again. When's the next OC Blogger Bash?!

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