Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Awaken Your Baby's Senses and Love of Music

Vered's Good Morning My Love Children's CD is a Gem

Vered's new CD has earned her a 2012 Parents' Choice Gold Award and many accolades;
including Laurie Berkner's top album picks of the year in USA Today.

I had the pleasure of previewing a new children's music CD that made me smile from the moment I pressed play. It was irresistibly sweet and nurturing for infants to school-aged children and for even big kids like me - Good Morning My Love by Vered. Immediately I found it to be cheerful, happy, joyful and nurturing all at the same time.

The first song, "Good Morning My Love", would definitely be great for playing first thing in the morning every single day because it would put our hearts in the right place to start our days with school for the chickadees and work for me.

What I find fascinating about Vered is that she creates her music based on music therapy, infant psychology and attachment parenting philosophies. In plain terms, when you spend quality time interacting with your baby and/or small child while playing great music, it helps foster a strong bond, increased trust and love for you both.

I've experienced this phenomenon with my own three children as I've played nurturing music for them since they were born. Playing music like this also helps me relax and unwind from the stress of work and parenting too, not to mention healing that perpetually lonely inner child in me that still misses her own mommy. It allows me to visualize myself being an infant again, being nurtured and cherished which makes mothering so much more enjoyable.
"Good Morning My Love is a baby CD for parents. It's for parents who want to enjoy their babies more. A perfect example would be when mom has been home all day with her baby, she feels a combination of boredom and guilt because she just doesn't want to deal with the baby anymore, and has one more hour to go. This CD can help her through that hour. It reminds her to stop and appreciate the moment, empathizes with her wanting to throw in the towel and gives her songs that she'll relate to as an adult but that are also baby friendly to engage her baby, bring smiles to both of them, and make the time fly by." - Vered
Honestly, I loved every song on her CD. I can't wait to play it for my l'il peeps in the morning; I know they are going to love it as much as I do. I will attempt to capture their initial expressions on camera when I blast it at 6:15 tomorrow morning - a nice alternative to playing Taps, don't you think?

Some interesting tidbits about Good Morning My Love:
  • The songs are ordered somewhat chronologically by a baby's development 
  • They are geared to both novice and experienced parents
  •  Playtime songs "Flying Hands," "Bikeride," and "Faces" incorporates body movement as well as facial and hand gestures. Suggested gestures for the songs can be found at
  • One or more of these songs might make you cry a little.
 The song "One Day" really got me choked up. The chorus made me so nostalgic for when I first held my first born daughter.
"Those where the first days of our lives. Those were some good days of our lives."
"Don't Leave Me" even pulled at my heart strings. This is the stage I'm at with my l'il Chicken Hawk; his struggle for independence yet a strong desire to have me close by.
"Mama leave me alone. But don't leave me."
I can't say enough good things about Vered's Good Morning My Love CD. It is such a unique mix of fun playfulness and soothing sentiment accompanied with her beautiful, melodic voice and brilliant instrumentation. I encourage you to listen to some samples from the CD to hear for yourself.

Good Morning My Love, Hands in My Mouth, Faces, Jump, Bikeride, One Day, Sunday, Flying Hands, When You Smile, Ah Ah, Don't Leave Me, New Words, Sunshine, At 63, Swinging, Bathtime, Dolly, Sleep.

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