Monday, October 22, 2012

Just Say No for Red Ribbon Week

Barb says NO to coffee and YES to veggie juice!
Tomorrow is the first day of Red Ribbon Week where students across the nation Say No to Drugs. You know, drug abuse is life abuse.

Barb and I are banding together against alcohol, caffeine and (maybe) carbs for the week and I will be on a new juicing kick. I won't say diet because I don't necessarily believe in them. My friend just started a detox/raw foods diet, the first diet of her life, and at first I was skeptical but now I'm becoming swayed. I'm getting irritated with my increasing midline and lack of energy.

My first attempt at raw foods juices are what's called 'green lemonade' and 'vegetable chocolate milk'. (If you want me to email you the recipe, leave me a comment below.) They don't taste too bad, but they're definitely different from my typical Jimmy Dean sausage egg and cheese muffin I usually have for breakfast. My first impression of this diet is that it requires a lot of vegetables for just a little bit of juice and  it requires substantial effort too. Shopping, peeling, washing, pushing and then more cleaning of the juicer. But it's easier than real cooking, which I don't usually cook with a lot of ingredients or steps. I think I will be more efficient when I get the hang of it.

But as I was saying about Red Ribbon Week, my chickadees are geared up to say no to drugs, which is good. But I don't know how I feel about even educating them about drugs at this stage of their lives. I feel like once they know what drugs are, they're going to want to try them. Kind of like how some religious extremists view sex education.

But oh well... what can you do? You gotta go with the flow. Fight the battles you can fight. I try to teach the girls about not putting unhealthy things in our bodies. I keep it general so that it covers drugs, but I don't want to talk about specific drugs and which ones I may or may not have tried. Which for the record I haven't tried hard drugs. But alcohol is technically a drug and I've had plenty of that. And some say love is a drug, and I was totally addicted back in the day.

Speaking of drugs, I totally saw a small mouse running into my house this afternoon and I panicked! I know I wasn't hallucinating, but my family members think I was. Now I'm totally creepy crawlied out. Everything that moves in the corner of my eye has me in a state of terror. We never did find it, but I assure you, it was speedy and agile! I swear I just had a nightmare last week about little mice infesting my house and I was trying to kill them with my iron skillet, but nothing was fazing them. Sorta like the arcade game Whacka Mole. Lord help me not have any more nightmares like that tonight!

Enjoy your Red Ribbon Week!

Update 10/30/12: I was pretty good about juicing all last week, but I wasn't able to abstain completely from coffee, carbs and coffee. At one point I realized how silly my idea was to begin with and decided to embrace my small vices. I'm replacing coffee with green tea most days though to cut down on calories.

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  1. Good luck with the juicing thing (bleck, IMHO! but i haven't tried every kind of veggie juice, just know I don't like Green Machine)! I thought I saw a rat living in the light fixture above our mailbox. My husband and I both thought we saw it out of the corner of our eye, and then we saw it's little whisker twitching, sticking out. Or so we thought. Turned out to be a big cricket! So maybe you have something more friendly than a mouse. :) Here's hoping!