Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Work-Life Balance Tips From a SITS Girl

SITSGirls.com recently posted a list of work/life balance tips for working moms. The article was geared for professional writers/bloggers, but they could benefit any working chick.

Some of the things I'm already proficient at:
  • Scheduling
  • Making To-Do Lists
Things I need to work on:
  • Learning to Say No
  • Winning the Lottery and Hiring a Staff of 20
As usual, I'm struggling with balance lately and am feeling those familiar pangs of discontent. I am happy to be employed with a stable job, but I have so many interests and activities I want to pursue. Not to mention trying to stay healthy and eat right. It's hard to do all the things I need and want to do every day. 

When I start feeling stressed like this, I start picking apart every aspect of my life and wanting to overhaul it. I daydream about quitting, moving far away, ultimate freedom. What's sobering to me is the reality that none of these daydreams are possible anytime soon. I'm stuck in a working rut. 

In happier news, I just bought a little stationary bicycle peddle machine that I can use at work to help me exercise while at my desk. Genius! You can exercise your legs or arms with it apparently. All this for only $30! I'm starting my new routine tomorrow and expect to lose 5 pounds by Thanksgiving. (It might work as long as I don't eat my kids' Halloween candy.) I'm sure it won't look funny at all when people walk by my office. Or when I start wearing a sweat band to work.


  1. Oh, that little bike is an excellent idea!

  2. How's it going? Getting funny looks from the coworkers, or everyone else wants one too now?

    1. Hey B.S.! hee hee

      I think the 'l'il peddler' is an office hit! One of my coworkers has borrowed it, and I've borrowed her balance ball to sit on for a desk chair. Win-Win! No funny looks, just the usual snickers and head shakes that I'm used to when people encounter my quirkiness. Another bonus of the 'l'il peddler' is that it helps me release my excess energy and fidgets at my desk when I'm bored/stressed and also helps me work on my creative process. You can peddle forward, backward and switch up your foot placement for different muscle groups. ha ha

      Now you know what I'm getting everyone for Christmas - shhh!