Sunday, December 9, 2012

Funky Alternatives to the Gym

Sporting the Shape Up fit flops, toned leg & 1 bunion.
Photo credit: Elle, SMW
Camera 360 App on Motorola Droid
Here are my Shape Up fit flops that I got a few years ago (product website appears to now be defunct.) But now I've pulled them out again since I have very limited time to get to the gym. Today I wore them to clean the house and walk the dog around the neighborhood. I'm sure I am quite the sight walking around the 'hood with my double stroller, wild kids, a large breed dog and these crazy shoes with a semi-wobbly walk, but who cares? I'm getting in shape. Aren't I?

Stamina InStride Cycle
My other exercise alternatives are my new under the desk 'l'il peddler' for work, pull up/push up/sit up bar and I just ordered a new trampoline with a handle on Amazon so I can get more cardio in at home.

Marcy Cardio Trampoline Trainer

I also want to try to make more time for small Pilates and yoga videos and try to sign up for a Pilates reformer class at the Y. I also wish I could get a treadmill desk, but I suspect that would be a waste of money and space. I also have my other standbys: jump rope, mountain bike, beach cruiser, baby in the Kelty backpack walkabout and I suppose I could try jogging like the other Southern Californians around here (equipped with a Poise pad of course.) I haven't been keeping up with the kegel exercises, but I'd better if I'm going to be bouncing on a trampoline.
Sevylor Samoa standup paddleboard

I bought Daddy-O (but really me) an inflatable stand up paddleboard on an cyber-Monday sale and I'm psyched about that. We could take it to Lake Mission Viejo or Dana Point harbor to paddle about. Maybe even Big Bear Lake in the summer. Woo hoo! It even collapses/deflates and fit into a small backpack so we could take it anywhere!

The active presents I got for the chickadees this Christmas, I ordered them a pogo stick and a portable, freestanding tetherball set (for my make-believe sport court at home). When I was a girl, I loved bouncing on my pogo stick and was convinced I could get the world record for most bounces. I did not really play organized sports but I loved exercising/playing actively. I think it's way more fun than being locked into a regimented sports routine.

Lifetime Portable Tetherball System 
Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick
I will keep you up to speed on my alternative workouts. I haven't been very disciplined in my eating of raw foods and juicing, but I'm sort of avoiding carbs...sometimes. I'm so stressed out that I almost can't help myself to dive into the Halloween candy every night. And no I'm not going to just throw out all away - that would be ludicrous!

My goal: healthy and fit and attractive. I'm aiming for 118 pounds. I'm about 124 right now and a size 4, as I typically am. I just don't like my office physique and tired, depressed, angry, out-of-sorts moods. Maybe I should try having more sex.

How do you like to stay in shape?

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