Wednesday, December 5, 2012

L'il Chicken Hawk's Year Two Recap

Our almost two year old was not in the spirit for Santa or sisters.
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My L'il Chicken Hawk is on the brink of turning two and Daddy-O has scheduled his vasectomy. Both events make me a little melancholy and wistful. I have recently started to stare longingly at newborns again and contemplate another baby in our family. But that's crazy talk. We are not equipped to deal with four kids and we struggle to manage the three we do have.

So I'll be saying good bye to my baby boy and my man's fully-functioning plumbing, and hello to potty training a two year old again and hopefully having plenty of unprotected sex (with my husband of course).

Here are some of the highlights from my son's second year of life, in no particular order of significance.
  • Cloth Diapering - I exclusively cloth diapered another year, while only using disposables at bedtime and while traveling. I've kept up with the laundering myself, about once every 2-3 days. I know it's saved us a ton of money and a lot of skin irritation for him. I'm very happy that I've stuck with it and will continue to stick with it until he's potty trained (hopefully by the age of 3). I like the system and routine I've established with it and extremely happy that our Mrs. Nanny-Sitter has adapted it without problem. She puts them in the vanilla-scented garbage bags I supply her with, I take them home and put them in a plastic garbage can until I have it full. Then I hose them down in the toilet with the shower nozzle and then throw them in the wash. One cycle in cold, one cycle in hot, then hang the covers to dry and put the cloth inserts in the dryer on extra hot.
  • Working and Childcare - I went back to work last February when he was a little past one year old and have been working full time ever since. It was a little difficult for me to lose that special bonding time with him and I miss him during the day. But I'm happy that he has flourished under the care of Mrs. Nanny-Sitter and the few other children that she watches. He loves her husband and kids too so when they come home at the end of the day, they play and dunk cookies in milk and hang out on the couch watching Cars. It's never perfect when someone else watches your children, but I'm mainly happy with our arrangement. I will likely put him into a group daycare/pre-pre-school when he is two and a half and after I'm done paying tuition for my junior kindergartner. I am happy that he is in a nurturing, safe, loving environment with lots of attention.
  • Sisterly Relationships - He is having so much fun playing with his sisters (7 and 5). They are starting to chase each other around the house and wrestle on the floor. His laughter is irrestible. It's fun to see the girls interested in 'boy' activities and learning new things through him too. He also enjoys playing with their toys and making them more manly; like the shopping cart, purses, dolls, etc.
  • Snacks and More Snacks - He is always hungry and wanting snacks. This was one of his first words, and it's not easy to say. He knows how to open the pantry, fridge and freezer and you have to keep an eye on him or he'll take everything out and dump it on the floor. He also likes to feed the dog, so our gentle giant always keeps close by for morsels. His favorites are cookies and crackers and ice.
  • His Loves - Dogs, trains, firetrucks, garbage trucks, cars, motorcycles and bikes. He spots them from miles away and tells me all about it. "Ruff ruff", "vroom, vroom", "choo choo" and he uses hand signs to tell me too.
  • Finding His Voice - He is extremely communicative, even if he can't speak in full sentences. He uses hand signs, grunts, single syllable words, facial expressions and physically takes you to what he wants by tugging on your clothes and pointing. The other night he had a stuffy nose and he pointed at it and said "achoo"; it was so darn cute! He can understand practically everything we tell him. The other day I told him we were going to church and wagged his finger at me and said, "No church, no church." 
  • Speed, Agility and Feats of Strength - He is getting very agile and fast. I have to really keep my eye on him or it can be deadly. The other day he drew on the wall, squirted himself in the eye with Goof Off and knocked over the Christmas tree; all within a few hours. It can be exasperating to say the least. He got his first spanking from Daddy-O after the tree incident, since some of the ornaments that broke were special, irreplaceable ones from his deceased mother. He also has excellent aim when throwing. He can throw food with perfect aim and force. I have found rice and other food particles in my hair at work before.
  • Adorable Haircuts - He has had at least three haircuts already and I love his hair. It is so blond and straight and fluffy. It's often sticking up in the back like Dennis the Menace. I love a nice, tidy boy haircut, trimmed around the ears and neck. I don't like shaggy hair on boys. I like putting a little gel in it and making it a little spikey in the front. I love doing all my kids' hair and making it fun, actually.
  • Cute Clothes - I'm digging the little boy clothes and rugged style he's rocking. He loves his cowboy boots and choo-choo train Robeez. I love his Skidders (sock/shoe combo). He loves his Buzz Lightyear t-shirt. I love his corduroy pants and hip jeans. And the way his bright, colorful cloth diapers peek out at the top.
  • Big Heart and Crocodile Tears - He doesn't like to be scolded. When I get angry with him and yell about something he's done, he cries with big crocodile tears and acts very sad. Then he comes over and gives me a big hug. It melts my heart. This is how a mama's boy is created, folks. I used to scoff at coddling mommies, but now I'm turning into one. "Oh you want another piece of candy for breakfast, honey? Sure!" When we went to visit Santa this past weekend, he was paralyzed with fear and tears streamed down his cheeks with the horror of sitting on Santa's lap. But it was nothing a little candy cane couldn't fix.
  • Too Much TV. Too Much Sweets. I'm not happy at how much TV he's watching at Mrs. Nanny-Sitter's. We don't like the kids, especially before the age of two, to watch too much TV. With two older sisters, it's hard not to have TV sometimes and the L'il Chicken Hawk seems completely entranced by it. He also has too much sweets in my opinion, but at least he doesn't turn into a crazy kid after eating it like my oldest chickadee does (even to this day).
  • Fun Play Style - I love how he gets down on his belly to play with his toys on the floor and to see how they work close up. He can spend great lengths of time opening and closing doors and moving people in and out. It's so fun to watch.
  • Full of Joy - He has a big smile and adorable laugh. He loves to be tickled. He loves when I play games with his toes, fingers and blowing bubbles on his belly. He says, "Tickle, mama". He remembers landmarks we drive by all the time and will say "Eat" when we pass restaurants we've ate at before. He loves making animal noise imitations. He is a sponge soaking up love and learning.
  • Healthy - I'm happy that he's healthy and developing well. I know there are many heartbroken moms and dads out there dealing with health issues with their children. We know of a family with an 11 month old who is facing the heart-wrenching decision to take their child off of life support today. They had no clue their child was born with a lung defect, and suddenly when he was having a temper tantrum one day, the boy passed out. Ever since they discovered something was wrong, the child has had many procedures done trying to keep his lungs from collapsing. They were told by the doctors that he is not eligible for a lung transplant so there is nothing that can be done. I can't fathom the depth of fear, sadness and helplessness those parents are feeling. I'm thankful for my L'il Chicken Hawk and the immense joy I have from being his mom. Every day with him is a gift from God.
This past two years with our L'il Chicken Hawk have been very fun and rewarding. We are so thankful he is a part of our family. We couldn't imagine life without him. I'm a little sad that he's turning two. I keep telling him, "You're turning TWO!" holding up my fingers at him and he wags his finger at me and says, "No two!" We are going to celebrate his birthday this coming weekend at Irvine Regional Park Railroad with a train ride, the enclosed zoo, a bike ride and of course birthday cake and balloons. Just us. It's too close to Christmas to have a real party as most people we know are crazy busy like us.

And in ten more days, Daddy-O will be neutered! He says he's not afraid, but I would be a little. What a trooper. He hasn't even asked me to drive him to his appointment. Apparently it's no big deal of a procedure. Our baby making days are over! Sniff sniff. 

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  1. This post warms my heart so! It's beautiful to read about how your family interacts together (since we're just starting). I'm hoping that we can have three kids, but I know hubby may only want two. Not sure how to deal with that want when you finally agree to not have any more children. But it's great that you and your husband are working together on that.

    btw congrats on the cloth diapers! That is a bit too much for me to handle with the first. ^_^

  2. Three children. I'm not worthy. Two scrambled my brain like a six egg frittata.

  3. Two years was so much fun. What I really miss, though, was when I could carry my boys in a moby or a backpack. I just loved having them close and going on walks. Now I mostly run after them.