Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's a Jungle Out There!

It's a jungle out there, Barb!
It hasn't even been a year at my new job and I'm feeling the familiar unsettled feeling and disenchantment. Given my work history, it was inevitable that I would fall out of love with this job too. But it's too bad that I'm never ever satisfied with what I have worked so hard to attain.

It is a seemingly perfect job with great benefits, adequate pay, flexible and family friendly. I'm starting to see the imperfections though and I'm no longer on my best behavior , making sure people like me. I'm just trying to get my work done so I can leave to take care of the three kids, dinner, homework and bedtime routines. I want to give them priority as well as my million ideas and writing projects that want to be born.

But in reality, blogging is not a money maker in and of itself for me. I just love writing for the sake of writing and I'm happy to keep it that way. It is so liberating and satisfying to publish my thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Earlier this year, I was inspired by Amy at Frugal Mama when she wrote Why I Am Dropping the Business Side of Blogging (My Truth about Making Money Online). Shannon from The Woman Formally Known as Beautiful also gave me new perspective on blogging when she wrote How to Make Money Blogging and Not Lose Your F'ing Marbles.

I've been blogging for several years now and any attempt to make a dime has possibly generated a penny or two. But I have gotten some fun products and tickets to events to review and write about as well as made great new friends online and in person. But blogging tends to take up a fair amount of my precious free time which detracts from my time with my children, husband and long-suffering domestic chores. (My office and entire house is so disorganized and a total wreck!) For anyone thinking they can birth a baby, start a blog and quit their day job, may want to reconsider.

I don't consider myself a "mommy blogger"; I'm a blogger/writer who just happens to mom. I don't write about coupons, recipes, fashion, crafts, news, politics, celebrity gossip or TV/movies. I try not to be too promotional or inauthentic and I'm not a self-proclaimed 'expert'. I typically write about my day-to-day experience at this particular stage of my life and my attempt to make sense of it all or make light of it.  That probably doesn't make for good SEO and site traffic, but so what? I'm happy that anyone reads my words at all. If they leave a comment, I'm stoked! Writing without feedback tends to get rather discouraging, but I'm learning how to deal quite well with the silence.  

I begged Daddy-O to let me quit my job to work on my business ideas, but he scoffed. I promised him I would keep the house cleaning up and make better dinners, but he knows me better than that. I also keep reminding myself when I get lost daydreaming about other jobs I could do, "You don't want to work. Work sucks. You want to write and have a life of leisure." I keep telling myself that every time I think of getting yet another degree or specialization or changing careers. I want a quality life of leisure and to create memories with my family. That's what matters.

My mantra: "All work and no play makes mommy a dull chick."


  1. Hi there visiting from SITS! I am a working mom too who just blogs cause I enjoy it at the expense of my disorganized house. I was working from home yesterday while eating lunch with my son who told me "mommy, you are wasting too much FUN time working so much!". Such wise words! Have a good weekend!

    1. Tanya, thank you so much for your comment! I don't feel so isolated now! :)

      This day off with all the kids, running the show solo, has been frustrating, but I'm making progress on the clutter and I fit in a blog post - woo hoo!

      I will stop by your site now!