Thursday, February 28, 2013

Take This Job and Shove It

The past few weeks I've felt so completely exhausted and depleted (flu and over-extended), that I obsessively envisioned wild scenarios of quitting my job and moving to a remote mountain village. Everyone I work and live with appeared to me as the enemy and I couldn't stand to be around anyone. I could barely even stand myself!

Sometimes the attempt at work-life balance completely fails and it pushes you to your limits. My friend and I were both lamenting about the same thing - wanting to quit the rat race and just take care of our kids and houses. I'm not discarding the thought, but I'm not going to up and quit spontaneously as I was fantasizing about. Instead I took a day off from work, didn't check email the entire day, worked out for an hour and a half, washed my car, met a friend for lunch and went shopping; it was a great day off indeed!

There are so many things I could complain about, but I'm tired and need to retire (to bed; I'll never get to really retire.) I'll save my petty complaints for Twitter during the work day. But I will say that I wish I could find legitimate part time, work at home employment in my profession that pays well. I want more time with my wee ones. I don't know why it should be so hard to find.

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