Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Most Beautiful, Evil Mommy in the World

One of the best moments of this week was when I was tucking in my little chickadee (5) for bed and she told me, "You're the most beautiful mommy in the whole world. I've seen other moms and they aren't as pretty as you. I like your golden hair; it's like Rapunzel."

Even better was that my husband was right there and he got a chuckle out of it too. My heart and ego soared  to epic proportions and melted away my anger and irritation from the busy week.

She has been so sweet and good-natured lately; a real joy to parent. She doesn't have power struggles nearly as much as she used to and tries hard to do what I ask without quarreling. She often makes me smile and giggle with the antics she does and the clever things she says.

On the other hand, the big chickadee (7) has continued to be aggressive, disrespectful, sullen and mouthy with Daddy-O and I. Logically I understand she is seeking our attention and needs more encouragement and I try to 'feed her with goodness' but sometimes it just doesn't get her to change her behavior. Just this week when I asked her what was bothering her and if she was mad at me, she said, "You're evil. You're a monster." (Because I lost my temper with her when she shoved her sister when they were walking down the stairs.)

I'm making a conscious effort to stop being so negative with her and compliment her for her good deeds. I hope she snaps out of this funk she's in! She takes her anger and frustration out on everyone in the family - and she's not even a teenager. I shudder to think of our future if it continues!

My friend recommended I read Raising Your Spirited Child when I told her my 7 year old woes. Her twins are only 18 months old, so she's yet to experience the melodrama of her daughter yet.

So, the consensus from the chickadees this week: I'm the most beautiful and evil mommy in the world! I kinda like the sound of it.


  1. Your headline alone for this post is worth its weight in gold. Just today I had a morning with my own chickadee that surely would have qualified me for the most beautiful evil mommy in her eyes, too, LOL! Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Thanks for writing Annie! Feel free to share your stories and vent for fun anytime on my "Tell Elle" page. It makes for good therapy!

      I'm off to look at your blog now!