Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bloody Hell

Help! I'm bleeding to death!

Do I need plastic underpants?!
My periods have been extremely heavy and unbearable for over a year and I can't take it anymore. I'm talking changing out Super Plus tampons every 1-2 hours with a big pad for back up and everything is overflowing. It can't be healthy for me. I've even tried the Diva Cup with limited success during the heavy days. I've considered wearing three tampons at once or installing some external drainage system that will catch it all in a big bag attached to my leg. Sounds gross and it is. It's DISGUSTING to be bleeding so much.

I've been taking tons of vitamins and iron and some herbal pills for heavy periods, and it isn't helping. I will not go on the pill or any hormone therapy unless I absolutely have to. I made an acupuncture appointment for tomorrow, so I'm hopeful that will help too.  The acupuncturist may even recommend some Chinese herbs to help. I can't live like this anymore.

Any other suggestions to combat this bloody nuisance?!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just Call Me Yuck Mouth

Here's some fun news to report - I went to the dentist yesterday for my six month check up, and they found a cavity!! This is a trend for me this year. I had one six months ago too.

"Can I have another piece of Laffy Taffy?"
I blame my candy eating, not flossing regularly, wearing a unclean retainer at night and having too large of a gap between some molars because of my orthodontic braces a few years ago. Either way, it sucks. I wonder at what point I will resort to having a set of fake teeth implanted. ?

I told my chickadees (7 and 5) about the cavity and about needing to have a needle in my gums to numb me up, and they were a little scared for me. They asked if it hurt and I honestly could say, "No, that pain doesn't bother me and I couldn't really feel it." It's true. I would much rather have a cavity filled than give birth to a 9+ pound baby boy without an epidural again (not by choice).

So I then scared the chickadees into flossing tonight. But of course I had to do it for them because they think their only teeth are the ones in the front. I had to sit on the toilet seat, stand them in front of me facing away from me, lean them back with their heads on my lap (improvised gymnastics) and try to fidget away in their mouths with contortionist tricks to get between all the teeth while they were uncooperative throughout. I don't know how dentists do it! I'm very impatient and clumsy.

In other happy news, I learned that my colleague is accidentally pregnant with her third child and I'm glad that another person gets to experience the chaos (and joy) of raising three kids! Plus, it will give us new topics to talk about and distract us at work.

In all honesty, despite all my cavity fillings, I have very nice, straight teeth and a super bright white smile - I paid plenty for it to look so good! And I smile and laugh a lot so it's important to me. I also tend to assess everyone else's teeth too in an obsessive/judgmental sort of way. :)

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This looks like something that would benefit my 'Yuck Mouth.'
Could I spray my kids' mouths with it while they're doing their homework to multitask? 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm Home and I'm the Same Disgruntled Chick!

I'm home from vacation! Bring on the melancholy! Here's a surprise - I'm still the same person, mom, wife, employee. I have been deeply touched and inspired by our journey overseas, but now that it is Tuesday, day two of school and work, I'm back to being the regular me. Impatient, easily frustrated, exhausted, discouraged and feeling limited.

So I need to change my outlook and brighten my days with whatever tools I do have. Music, videos, podcasts, books, blogs, writing, living life - that's what I fill myself up with. Of course my kids, husband, house and job too; they insist upon attention too. I would normally say exercise too because that is my absolute favorite outlet, but there seems to be no time or energy for that. If I were to go after work, it would extend our day too long for the kids, cutting into their dinner and homework time. Lame. And it's too far to drive to later on in the evening.

Right now I'm focusing on getting everyone readjusted to the time difference, getting healthy and back on track at school. We missed one week. (But I wouldn't say we missed it). Having kids in school is such a chore for the parents!! Homework, requests, reminders, special events. Now I can start to see why my own mom just stopped trying to keep up with all of her kids' school crap. She left it up to us to handle (poorly). There is no reprieve. By the way, just so you know, next week (yes the whole week) is Teacher Appreciation Week. Don't forget to bring in something special for the teacher every single day and something for the potluck on Friday. Sigh. Good thing I'm Super Woman with limitless energy - not.

I had such a good vacation. I'm so sad to be back to the same struggles. I visited such cozy, simple homes in Europe, but they were beautiful and well-organized. I was inspired to do something with our house and the clutter. But I see it all and become frozen and locked down with the laundry and basic requirements. Enough is enough. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Have you ever felt like you were in a rut? How do you cope?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

See Mom Go Through Internet Withdrawals

I've been on an extended vacation with the entire family with limited internet and technology. It is nice to be in a complete different setting with new faces, climate and culture. It's hard to wean myself off my social addiction online to be more social in real life, but we are creating such wonderful memories and taking great photos.

I don't miss work at all and hardly even remember that I have a job or what I even do for a living. That was my hope for the trip. I hope to have more adventures like this in the future. I grow so weary of the same routine, people and BS. Nonstop laundry; I'm doing laundry here too, but it's the same five outfits in someone else's washing machine.

The chickadees are expanding their experiences with other cultures too, which is good for them. I hope it diminishes the 'Southern California Entitlement Syndrome' predominant in our region.

We leave for the last leg of our journey tomorrow and I'm a little sad that it will soon be coming to an end. I can't hold onto the moments to make them last. There isn't enough to see and do everything, nor enough energy.

Cheers to more adventures! When we get back, it's back to the grindstone; school, work, homework, meals, driving hours a day... The l'il chicken hawk will be starting preschool too, so that will add some ease of commuting, but more work in other regards.

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