Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bloody Hell

Help! I'm bleeding to death!

Do I need plastic underpants?!
My periods have been extremely heavy and unbearable for over a year and I can't take it anymore. I'm talking changing out Super Plus tampons every 1-2 hours with a big pad for back up and everything is overflowing. It can't be healthy for me. I've even tried the Diva Cup with limited success during the heavy days. I've considered wearing three tampons at once or installing some external drainage system that will catch it all in a big bag attached to my leg. Sounds gross and it is. It's DISGUSTING to be bleeding so much.

I've been taking tons of vitamins and iron and some herbal pills for heavy periods, and it isn't helping. I will not go on the pill or any hormone therapy unless I absolutely have to. I made an acupuncture appointment for tomorrow, so I'm hopeful that will help too.  The acupuncturist may even recommend some Chinese herbs to help. I can't live like this anymore.

Any other suggestions to combat this bloody nuisance?!


  1. Oh man...this post hits a little too close to home! I'll be interested to see what the herbs and acupuncture can do for you. I just got a second opinion, and both gynos told me the same thing: deal with it or go on the pill or progesterone tablets. They also mentioned a couple other more drastic options. I don't mind hormones, per se, but we're working hard on Baby #2, so none of these options are on the table for me. Good luck getting out of bloody hell!

  2. Thanks Annie!
    I had to cancel my acupuncture appointment because my husband worked late that day. Grr.. My friend had the same issue and she was told Lycera might help, but she ended up getting a Mirena IUD. But since you want to get pregnant, that isn't an option. I read that taking ibuprofen during the days leading up to and through your heavy days could minimize the flow, so I'll try that too. I just wish it would disappear!

    Someday it will... :)

  3. This is a gross post. I'm just sayin'. lol Anywho, do you have an IUD? After my 3 child and my IUD (Mirena) I've had insanely heavier periods. Like OH MY GAWD.

    1. Yes, it's gross. Sorry! Avert your eyes! Cleanse your memory of it! I'm not on the IUD but my friend said the Mirena took away her heavy bleeding. So I was considering it. Perhaps I shouldn't now...

      I'm gearing up for Aunt Flo's visit - just in time for the weekend! argh