Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm Home and I'm the Same Disgruntled Chick!

I'm home from vacation! Bring on the melancholy! Here's a surprise - I'm still the same person, mom, wife, employee. I have been deeply touched and inspired by our journey overseas, but now that it is Tuesday, day two of school and work, I'm back to being the regular me. Impatient, easily frustrated, exhausted, discouraged and feeling limited.

So I need to change my outlook and brighten my days with whatever tools I do have. Music, videos, podcasts, books, blogs, writing, living life - that's what I fill myself up with. Of course my kids, husband, house and job too; they insist upon attention too. I would normally say exercise too because that is my absolute favorite outlet, but there seems to be no time or energy for that. If I were to go after work, it would extend our day too long for the kids, cutting into their dinner and homework time. Lame. And it's too far to drive to later on in the evening.

Right now I'm focusing on getting everyone readjusted to the time difference, getting healthy and back on track at school. We missed one week. (But I wouldn't say we missed it). Having kids in school is such a chore for the parents!! Homework, requests, reminders, special events. Now I can start to see why my own mom just stopped trying to keep up with all of her kids' school crap. She left it up to us to handle (poorly). There is no reprieve. By the way, just so you know, next week (yes the whole week) is Teacher Appreciation Week. Don't forget to bring in something special for the teacher every single day and something for the potluck on Friday. Sigh. Good thing I'm Super Woman with limitless energy - not.

I had such a good vacation. I'm so sad to be back to the same struggles. I visited such cozy, simple homes in Europe, but they were beautiful and well-organized. I was inspired to do something with our house and the clutter. But I see it all and become frozen and locked down with the laundry and basic requirements. Enough is enough. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Have you ever felt like you were in a rut? How do you cope?

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