Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just Call Me Yuck Mouth

Here's some fun news to report - I went to the dentist yesterday for my six month check up, and they found a cavity!! This is a trend for me this year. I had one six months ago too.

"Can I have another piece of Laffy Taffy?"
I blame my candy eating, not flossing regularly, wearing a unclean retainer at night and having too large of a gap between some molars because of my orthodontic braces a few years ago. Either way, it sucks. I wonder at what point I will resort to having a set of fake teeth implanted. ?

I told my chickadees (7 and 5) about the cavity and about needing to have a needle in my gums to numb me up, and they were a little scared for me. They asked if it hurt and I honestly could say, "No, that pain doesn't bother me and I couldn't really feel it." It's true. I would much rather have a cavity filled than give birth to a 9+ pound baby boy without an epidural again (not by choice).

So I then scared the chickadees into flossing tonight. But of course I had to do it for them because they think their only teeth are the ones in the front. I had to sit on the toilet seat, stand them in front of me facing away from me, lean them back with their heads on my lap (improvised gymnastics) and try to fidget away in their mouths with contortionist tricks to get between all the teeth while they were uncooperative throughout. I don't know how dentists do it! I'm very impatient and clumsy.

In other happy news, I learned that my colleague is accidentally pregnant with her third child and I'm glad that another person gets to experience the chaos (and joy) of raising three kids! Plus, it will give us new topics to talk about and distract us at work.

In all honesty, despite all my cavity fillings, I have very nice, straight teeth and a super bright white smile - I paid plenty for it to look so good! And I smile and laugh a lot so it's important to me. I also tend to assess everyone else's teeth too in an obsessive/judgmental sort of way. :)

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