Sunday, April 7, 2013

See Mom Go Through Internet Withdrawals

I've been on an extended vacation with the entire family with limited internet and technology. It is nice to be in a complete different setting with new faces, climate and culture. It's hard to wean myself off my social addiction online to be more social in real life, but we are creating such wonderful memories and taking great photos.

I don't miss work at all and hardly even remember that I have a job or what I even do for a living. That was my hope for the trip. I hope to have more adventures like this in the future. I grow so weary of the same routine, people and BS. Nonstop laundry; I'm doing laundry here too, but it's the same five outfits in someone else's washing machine.

The chickadees are expanding their experiences with other cultures too, which is good for them. I hope it diminishes the 'Southern California Entitlement Syndrome' predominant in our region.

We leave for the last leg of our journey tomorrow and I'm a little sad that it will soon be coming to an end. I can't hold onto the moments to make them last. There isn't enough to see and do everything, nor enough energy.

Cheers to more adventures! When we get back, it's back to the grindstone; school, work, homework, meals, driving hours a day... The l'il chicken hawk will be starting preschool too, so that will add some ease of commuting, but more work in other regards.

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