Friday, May 17, 2013

If You Give a Mom a Fish Bowl

Diesel, Blaze and Elvis in their honky tonk saloon.
Here's proof that we're a family that loves to take on more responsibility! We just got each child their own guppie - one blue, yellow and orange. (This is in addition to our cat and our gentle giant dog as well as our full time jobs outside the home.)
I picked up this cute honky tonk aquarium for $1 at a garage sale - which was the inspiration for buying the fish. So, in going with the wild west theme, the fish's names are Diesel, Blaze and Elvis. I'm glad the kids finally came around to see things my way with their naming.

With the addition of these new fish and my new victory garden, I have no clue how we are ever going to go on a vacation again without paying a housesitter. Even a little trip seems complicated with the potential for loss of life for fish and plant life.

I told the kids that we'll watch and see whose fish is alive longest. Of course we had to review the basic, seemingly-obvious guidelines: 
  • Fish don't like to be pet like a cat
  • Fish don't breathe our air
  • You can't overfeed them
Of course, Day 1, they attempted all three fatal missteps. I think we properly educated them now though, so it hasn't happened again.

It probably is a little crazy to have so many pet responsibilities for such a busy family like ours. Both our adjacent neighbors are bachelors who keep their lives so simple and unencumbered. For me though, having living things to take care of and watch grow is really living. I want my children to have the companionship of childhood pets and the memories that go along with it. I couldn't imagine not having pets. But then again, it does make it harder to live spontaneously sometimes - very much like the effect kids have on your life. At least fish are easy to part with when they die (in my opinion). I cried at my first fish's funeral when I was a girl, but I recovered easily. Now I have a cold heart and wouldn't cry if any pet died. Kidding. 

It's funny though how fast the novelty wears off for the children. I am sensing their gradual disinterest in fish caretaking; I'll be the sole care provider in no time. How much you wanna bet? Which means the fish may die sooner than expected... But at least we'll have a beautiful fishbowl filled with colorful rocks and structure.

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