Sunday, May 12, 2013

See Mom Play on Mother's Day!

I had an awesome Mother's Day filled with sun, fun, food, family and adventure!

Daddy-O let me sleep in an extra hour - until 7:00 am - which was not much, but much appreciated. We then hurried ourselves down to Dana Point Harbor for breakfast before every restaurant filled up. We didn't have reservations, because we're 'spontaneous' like that. We were lucky to get seated right by the window on the patio of the Wind and Sea restaurant and had a delicious buffet complete with bottomless mimosas; hell yeah! I loved looking at all of my homemade cards, drawings and poems the kids created at school and home. 

Dana Point Harbor, California
After walking around the harbor and looking at cute, beachy art exhibits, we hopped on a whale watching tour with Dana Wharf, with free champagne for moms; hell yeah! We saw a fin whale, some California sea lions and one 'Naughty Yachty' on our two hour tour. It was relaxing and beautiful and I questioned why we never do things like that more often; it's so close to home and so fun! It's uncanny that my day-to-day routine revolves around either being cooped up indoors at home or in the office as well as on the road between home, schools and work. Very unsatisfying. 

Fin Whale Sighting; Dana Point, California
Bottomless Champagne for Mother's Day!
California Sea Lions; Dana Point, California
After our tour, we went to Green Thumb Nursery to pick up stuff to start a vegetable garden in our backyard - as if we need to take on more responsibility. But, I'm discouraged with the state of our backyard and I thought we could put the space of dead grass for a higher purpose before we have to resort to a rock garden. I am a little unclear at what all it will require to maintain our new garden, but I'm hoping to make a few salads out of it by the end of the summer. I'm concerned that we spent more than we'll get out of it, but I have faith that it's going to be a rewarding experience regardless of the trouble. We planted a raspberry bush, blueberry bush, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, basil and cilantro. We got the seedlings so we don't have to fuss with growing them from seeds. Cross your fingers for us! 
My little Victory Garden. I will not succumb to defeat!
I ended the day surrounded by piles of laundry as usual, but all in all, it was an excellent Mother's Day and I feel loved and cherished. How was your Mother's Day? 
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