Friday, June 21, 2013

Follow Up on My Bloody Hell

Taking on an unruly menstrual cycle one gallon at a time!

I bleed enough to use 20 pads/hour!

Not too long ago I wrote Bloody Hell about my out-of-control periods. For those of you who are concerned about my well-being, this post is for you. Since my bloody suffering became unbearable and I decided to take action, I've had two cycles and I'm about to start my third.

I've had two acupuncture appointments, taken Slow Flow herbal pills almost daily, taken ibuprofen at the beginning heavy days of my period and now finally spoke to my gynecologist at my annual exam. Not that I was against talking to her in the first place, but in addition to not likely to 'waste time' with extra appointments, I assumed that she would prescribe me something hormonal and I didn't want to go back on the pill again.

She offered me the opportunity to get a procedure that seems too good to be true - an ablation. It removes some of the lining of the uterus and helps minimize menstrual bleeding and the PMS nonsense that goes along with it. She told me that it's only for women who are completely done having children because the thinned uterine lining wouldn't be sufficient to sustain a fetus. 

I have three children, I'm 39 and Daddy-O just had a vasectomy. I guess you could say I'm done having kids. Yet, I have a melancholy feeling of wanting one more baby. Not really a likely reality at this point, but I let my mind wonder what if anything happened to any of my children or my husband or if I just wanted to round out our family or if I accidentally got pregnant after the ablation and had a miscarriage... 

Ultimately, I told my doctor that I wanted to schedule the procedure. If I still have a heart for children in a few years, I can always consider fostering, adopting, or just waiting to be a grandma I suppose. Or just occupy my restless mind and heart with hobbies; like toning my six pack abs. I'm actually kind of looking forward to it and wondering if it will reduce some of the bloated appearance of my muffin top region. One can dream...

I'll keep you posted!

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