Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My NovaSure Experience to Stop my Heavy Periods

Post-NovaSure Ablation Update

Two days ago I had a procedure done to reduce my heavy periods. It is called a NovaSure ablation and their motto is, "Stop your heavy period and restart your life." That is exactly what I wanted to do. My period was increasingly a nuisance for two days out of the month when I would bleed excessively and what I felt was unmanageable. Sure, I could have lived with it, but I didn't want to anymore.

I know there are curious folks out there that like to hear how other people did with the procedure, and there are tons of scary stories out there, so I'll share mine. Here are the details surrounding my experience with NovaSure.

I showed up to the outpatient surgical center at 6:00 a.m. to sign in and make my payment (a painful experience in itself). Shortly after, I undressed, laid on a gurney, read a magazine and chatted with the nurses while waiting for the doctor and anesthesiologist. At around 7:30 a.m., I was transferred to the operating room, given an IV for general anesthesia and I faded off and then awoke shortly after as it was already over. I felt crampy but clear-headed.

I was picked up at 9:30 a.m by my chaperone, Daddy-O, who took me to Starbucks for a passion fruit ice tea and then let me stay on the couch the rest of the day. I could have easily been up and about doing things around the house, but I enjoyed resting, eating, reading, replying to emails, tweeting and movie watching - my usual fave kid-free, daytime activities.

I took 3 200 mg Advil for the tremendous cramping pain I had, which took the edge off. Four hours later I took two more and that evening I took just one. Yesterday morning I took two Advil before work just to ward off any pain, but I haven't needed any since. I went back to work and my normal activities yesterday and I feel totally fine. I've had a little spotting, but nothing major. What's awesome is that I was due to get my heavy flow this week and now I've bypassed it - hopefully FOREVER!

Let's see about 'restarting my life' now! It seems so promising, don't you think?

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PSA: 5 Pool Party Tips for Parents

I submitted an article for MomsLA this week - my first! I don't know what took me so long except a combination of fear, doubt and prolonged procrastination. Too bad that it took a near tragedy to motivate me to write it!

This is a Public Service Announcement to advocate pool party safety for parents. This is directed specifically at moms who don’t like to wear a bathing suit in front of a crowd and dads who like to have a drink in their hand at a pool party – the majority of us. 
Last weekend, my two year old son started to drown at a pool party – TWICE! I still feel the sick pit in my stomach remembering it. I had just read an article in the newspaper days before about several two year olds that had tragically drown in swimming pools on the 4th of July; it left a solid impression in my mind of how quick and silent drowning can be. I was prepared to be vigilant at the pool with my active, unpredictable son as well as my 5 and 7-year-old daughters who are still learning to swim proficiently.  
- Please read the rest of the story over at MomsLA
Have you had a scary experience at the pool with your kids? Share away!

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kids' Mixtape: Songs of Summer

5 New Kid's Music Albums for a Joy Ride

Summer is in full swing and if you're like our family, you're spending a lot of time in the car; driving back and forth to camp and fun activities, not to mention everyone's favorite - road trips! When you're in the car, you shouldn't be forced to listen to the sound of fighting in the backseat or bad pop tunes - create fun moments and memories singing along to silly kids songs while on the go. There is so much great family music to choose from with great stories, positive messages, while being catchy and fun.

If you're a teacher or a childcare provider, I urge you to bypass playing Kids Bop music entirely and venture out into the vibrant world of 'Kindie rock' (although a lot of this music isn't technically rock 'n roll). I've written about this subject several times on my blog and it's one I'm passionate about. I grew up with fun children's music and the lyrics, tunes and memories have stayed with me, so when I started my own family I was happy to discover music artists who are carrying on the legacy for another generation of songsters.

Rage Against Kids Bop!
Here are five new albums recently released that are on my Songs of Summer mixtape music list. If you want to listen to any samples of the songs, click on the album link.

  1. Deep Sea Diver - Recess Monkey
    Tambourine Submarine * Fish Sticks * The Deep End * Beach Ball * Shrimp * Compass Rose * Choral Reef * Tattoo Me * The Seven Cs * Seagull * Up Periscope * Walkie Talkies * Seahorse * Making Waves * Stranded
  3. I Like Everything About You (Yes I Do!) - Crosspulse Percussion Ensemble
    Walkin' the Dog * Yamawele * Body Beat * Little Liza Jane * Cumbe * Rara * Breaths * CooCoo * Krin * Jalan-Jalan * Flores * I Like Everything About You (Yes I Do!)
  5. Gratitude Attitude - The Best Foot Forward Series
    I'm Glad You're Here * Gratitude * In My Family's House * There's a Pea on My Plate * Love You a Million * Thank You Letters * Only Take What You Need * The Table Manners Polka * Grateful * Every Little Bit of You * Thank You World * Use a Napkin (Not Your Mom) * Circle of Friends * Thank You * Best Foot Forward

  6. Bandwagon - Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights
    Are We There Yet? * Back to School * Bandwagon * I Love New York * UFO * Family Tree * Nutritious * Helmet * Use Your Words * Little Cloud * Falling * Let's Go * Canon Song * Bed * Nightlights
  7. Blink of an Eye - Frances England
    Blink of an Eye * Little Wings * Place in the Sun * Move Like Saturday Night * Tell Me it All * Home * Bicycle Built for Two * Day You Were Born * The Sun Will Shine Again * Salt Water Spin * Look How the Light Dances With Trees
I'm GRATEFUL (attitude of gratitude in effect) that we were introduced to this new music. I'm also glad that more musicians are delving into fun children's music. These albums can be listened to repeatedly without getting tired of it (like you might assume). They also all have such great cover art, my chickadees (and I) enjoyed examining them cover to cover. When I asked them about their favorites from the Songs of Summer list, the oldest chickadee said, I Love New York - will this be the song that sticks in her head and motivates her to move to the Big Apple someday? hmm... My personal fave is the entire Crosspulse Percussion Ensemble album; I would totally listen to it without the kids in the car! 

Disclaimer: I was provided these five CDs to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Fun Bucket List

School is out, summer vacation is in full effect and it's time to start crossing the fun SoCal activities off our family bucket list. Even though I'm still working full time, we will squeeze in the fun and maximize our summer as much as possible.
Royalty in Medieval Times, Buena Park 
Here are some of the cool things I've/we've done so far:
  • Went to Crystal Cove beach and saw dolphins
  • Swam at the pool
  • Ran through the sprinkler in the backyard
  • 4th of July celebration and fireworks at the local community center
  • Family bike ride along the Aliso Woods trail
  • Medieval Times in Buena Park
  • Gym time several times
  • One episode of enjoyable sex 
  • Monsters University movie
  • Farmers Market
  • Irish Fair at Irvine Lake
  • Nature walk 
  • Work trip to Washington D.C.
Laguna Coast Wilderness Park | Photo Credit:
Here are some other activities we have scheduled or are on our radar for the summer:
  • Camping at Big Bear
  • Visit to Seattle to hang out with friends and family
  • San Diego Wild Animal Park
  • Del Mar hotel stay
  • Mission Beach San Diego beach bum family reunion
  • Stand Up Paddling in Mission Bay
  • Lego Land Water Park
  • Long Beach Aquarium
  • Hike the trail off Laguna Canyon Road
  • Take the Sea Doo out on the water
  • Ice skating at Aliso Viejo Ice Palace
  • Sky High trampoline center
  • Discovery Science Center
  • Board game nights
  • Play tennis together
  • Laguna Beach
  • Set up activities for the chickadees: gymnastics, dance, tennis, piano and/or karate.
  • Celebrating our 10 year anniversary in Napa, Sonoma or Santa Barbara (which will hopefully lead to more sexcapades)
Already, this list is pretty ambitious and some tend to be a little pricey, but I'm all about making happy memories for the kids. For me, I love the outdoors and fun that doesn't cost much. I become exhilarated with a sense of freedom and youth when I'm out enjoying nature. I also really want the chickadees to get proficient and passionate about swimming and bike riding and nature hikes. 

We are thinking we may do Disneyland in September or October, but I'm irritated about their extremely expensive ticket prices and wish we could just avoid them altogether. But our L'il Chicken Hawk will turn 3 in December and I'd like to go one more time when he's still free. I swear you have to take a small loan out to go to Disneyland when you're a family of five. It's crazy.

I hope your summer vacation is a blast and that you enjoy the simple things in life that create family memories. Let me know if you think there's something missing from my bucket list that we should do this summer.
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