Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Potty Training Complaining

I just realized that I've been potty training/toilet coaxing/bathroom nagging for way too many years. Each of my three children are resistant to using the toilet on their own initiative. They don't mind soiled pants. I almost think they like the negative attention.

My two chickadees (8 and almost 6) were 3 when they started being consistent about the toilet, yet they continue to have potty accidents during the day because they don't want to be bothered with taking a break from playing. They also rush through the process and often fail to wipe; which I frustratingly discover later on in the day.
Our semi-successful potty seat. "Feed the froggy."
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Moving on to the l'il chicken hawk... he'll be 3 in December. I pay extra for the potty training service at his preschool and he's off and on with his 'training'. If you remember from previous posts, I have been mainly cloth diapering him since he was an infant. The preschool prefers to use Pull Ups instead of cloth diapers or the thick training underwear with vinyl underpants over it. He poops all throughout the day, so he can't necessarily be bare at school.

I don't want to keep buying Pull Ups. I feel it's a waste of money. I just want the kid to be potty trained. It is extremely time consuming to monitor his potty behavior and clean up after accidents. It's much easier to change an infant's dirty diaper than an active, strong, wiggly 2 1/2 year old. Always having to leave the rest of the children and family activities to go back and forth to the toilet with frequent psych outs by him.

Tonight he tricked me saying he had to go potty at bedtime, so I took him out of his crib to go to the bathroom. Then he proceeded to demolish the bathroom without relieving himself; toilet paper, Kleenex, soap, water, toothbrushes, door stop cap, spider killing, decorations. Anything but the act of peeing. I insisted he go or we wouldn't leave the bathroom. Finally after an hour, he peed; stubborn boy.

Sorry, but no, I will not do sticker charts. I will often give treats like jelly beans and I cheer and high five for poop and pee, but I don't see the point in having sticker charts - something I have to create, manage and cajole a kid to do something they should naturally be inclined to do without my over-involvement.

I guess I'll just stick with it and try not to take it too seriously. Keep him bare butted as much as possible when he's at home and try to make it a positive experience; as hard as it may be. I'll keep cloth diapering with double inserts at night. Maybe I can stick with training underwear and vinyl underpants at preschool if he regulates his poops.

Any advice? (Aside from sticker charts.)


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