Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Fun and Other BS

Since I haven't been blogging or using social media regularly the past month or so, here is what I have been doing instead:
  • Trying to keep up with the laundry/housework (failing)
  • Going to work (half-heartedly)
  • Traveling to Seattle and hanging out with old friends
  • Working out
  • Juicing and trying to eat more veggies
  • Tending to my garden
  • Camping
  • Potty training a resistant 2.5 year old
  • Coaxing chickadees to do what I want (what they should)
  • Harboring anger and hostility
  • Watching Orange is the New Black episodes (finished season 1)
  • Planning fun birthday parties 
  • Daydreaming about making changes in my life to be happier
  • Listening to The Silver Star by Jeannette Walls on audio book.
  • Fighting with my husband (today specifically)
About fighting and being angry... I don't know why it's so difficult for Daddy-O and I to get along lately. We can't communicate. It was better when we each took separate trips away from each other and we came back refreshed. Now we fought because I didn't tell him I was planning on building another planter in the backyard; the ugliness factor, logistics and lack of money. I don't like to argue and I don't communicate well orally. I have my ideas and plans all my head and up there everything seems logical and easy and affordable. 

I'm not an over-spender. I'm a frugal saver in fact. Sometimes I splurge, but not often. I told him I don't need to tell him all my plans of what I want to do to the house. We've lived here about 5 years and I don't do a lot of projects or shopping for the house. I mentioned we need to start doing some projects and I'm going to initiate them with or without him. That didn't go over well. He started getting hostile about 'his money' and all the other bullshit. 

Thank God I work and have my own money. I couldn't imagine asking him for money. No matter how frugal I am, he still treats me with suspicion over the big ticket items I want to get and do for the house. It's frustrating. Especially since there are so many bitchy overspending trophy wives in this area of the country that stay at home, have nannies, gardeners and everything they want and need to make their pretty little lives comfortable. That will never be my reality. He should feel lucky.

Well, rant over. A dude from Craigslist is coming over soon. :) He's installing my new garden planter in the backyard.

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