Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why I'm Not a Soccer Mom

You won't see me wearing this hat.
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It's a busy season with the kids' schools starting, homework and a heavy workload at husband and my workplaces. Hence the blog going stagnant. I think of topics I want to write about often, but haven't shoehorned the time in to blog. Now I have about 30 minutes until the L'il Chicken Hawk wakes from his nap and the kids will expect to be fed dinner.

Speaking of time, I'm thankful that we're not a family completely overbooked with extracurricular activities. I'm glad I'm not a soccer mom! It seems like mass quantities of kids are at the park every day for hours on end for games and practices. Although Daddy O says that he enjoyed soccer when he was a kid and that team sports are great for building character. (Then he should take them and pay for it.)

Saturday mornings we go to the gym for parental fitness and then it's errand time, lunch time, then nap time. We do chores at home and after that, the day is pretty shot. Sunday mornings we go to church and then it's the same monotonous routine. I don't have the money, time, energy, or stamina to spend weeknights/weekends for 'child enrichment'. Especially since the little guy is hyperactive and makes public outings chaotic. And so many other things aren't getting done at home; I don't know when I'll ever have a clean home.

Don't fret though - the chickadees aren't deprived. They do YMCA Adventure Guides with Daddy O where they go on weekend camping trips once a month. We also do fun things like ride bikes, rollerskate, free play, birthday parties, meet up with friends, road trips and not to mention lots of laundry.

Even though it's going to make things more tricky and tiring, I just signed both chickadees up for a month of karate at the YMCA on Thursday nights ($40/month each) and the oldest will start guitar lessons on Wednesday nights ($45 a lesson). Now that I think about it, I better cancel those lessons; I can't possibly justify spending that expense each month.

I'm trying so hard to have zero balance on my credit card and it's inched up to $3000 and I also need to save for a new car and my getaway vacation cabin. I wish I had unlimited time and income so I could let the kids all try out all kinds of activities. I would love them to try tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball, soccer, art, choir, horseback riding, mountain biking, kayaking, swimming, piano, acting, language, Girl Scouts, bowling... the list goes on and on.

The thing is, why should you have to pay for kids to take a class? We go out and teach them certain activities ourselves and show them how-to piano lesson videos on YouTube, trying to instill an interest and natural curiosity. I don't want to burn them out on too many classes and waste money and time (unless it's my husband's money and time of course). All my 'disposable income' goes towards childcare during the week, college savings, retirement savings and my personal savings.  Oh and the Y membership and semi-regular gel manicures are some splurges. My Amazon Prime membership has proven to be pretty pricey lately too... I need to get that under control.

So that's my life update and blog diarrhea. All three kids are acting manic and it would appear they would benefit from joining a soccer team with all their aggressive energy. Gotta go!

- Elle

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things

The latest from my chickadees:

5 year old - "Mom your boobs are big."
"No they're not. They're a size B."
"Yeah. B for BIG."

8 year old - "You look like Miss Piggy in those shoes."

My ego was inflated and then swiftly deflated by my little darlings. But you have to laugh.