Friday, October 18, 2013

Family Fun at Knotts Berry Farm's Camp Spooky

"Cheer - not Fear!" was the motto of our day at Camp Spooky early this October. We were invited to experience it with our three young children, and we had a blast!

Camp Spooky is inside Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, California and it's geared towards younger children. They have rides, entertainment and activities just for the little ones that don't want the thrill of the big rides and scares.

Read about all the fun Camp Spooky offers as well as all the details you need to know in my original post.

Here are some photos from our day. (My husband took a ton and better quality photos on our professional camera, but I'm writing this from work and I only have access to my cell phone photos - shhhh!)

On the way to Camp Spooky for some Halloween fun!
We had Little Miss Muffet, a black cat and a knight for children that day and they were all so cute and happy to be dressed up. I was one of the only parents dressed in costume - I was "Pumpkin Spice" with a bright orange bob wig and a funky orange velour dress. You couldn't miss me.
Me as "Pumpkin Spice" | Photo credit: Desiree Eaglin
As a side note, I was only slightly embarrassed to be one of the only moms in costume. I got a lot of looks of surprise and smiles, points and laughs, but it was a nice change from being relatively invisible most of the time. I kind of like being a dork; a cute dork.
Little Miss Muffet's cookie decoration
My black cat's cookie decoration
Snapshot of the cookie recipe 
I like watching the kids get excited about fun, childhood joys. I love to see life through their eyes. So Camp Spooky was perfect for that. The Peanuts Gang were awesome as usual and they loved doing a parade with them. They also loved the rides and going trick-or-treating at the various stops. The candy was amazing - I know because they were nice enough to share with me. 
Lucy in her Halloween costume at Camp Spooky
My knight in shining armor

Snoopy and Woodstock with my costumed chickadees
 There wasn't a lot of really scary parts of Camp Spooky except for the naturalist exhibit with the creepy, crawly critters. Yikes! These bugs freak me out!!
Scariest part of all - the Hissing Cockroaches! aka Nightmare in a Cage.
Scary scorpions from Africa!
We are already halfway through October and Halloween is right around the corner, but there is still time to go enjoy Camp Spooky at Knotts Berry Farm. It's running every Saturday and Sunday in October and is a part of the regular admission to Knotts.

So take your kids and get your Halloween cheer on!

Disclaimer: We received complimentary Camp Spooky tickets from Giga Savvy to facilitate a review.


  1. Sounds fun but more importantly...I read that cookie recipe and what in the world is "bakers' ammonia"?!

  2. I have no clue!! I've never heard of it!

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