Sunday, November 24, 2013

Self-Loathing Sunday

Here are some things that are chapping my hide and pulling at my psyche:
  • Not enough time
  • Not enough energy
  • Not enough motivation
  • Insecure about my lack of exercise 
  • Confounded by my perpetual muffin top and saddlebags
  • My house is a messy pit and will remain a messy pit
  • My husband isn't affectionate enough = I'm not lovable
  • My kids are trying to destroy the house and undo my cleaning efforts
  • Cleaning is too hard and boring
  • My life is passing me by
  • I have no talents or gifts
  • I have no close friends
  • I don't have a vision for my future
  • I want to move, but forced to stay
  • Trapped
  • I'm not a good mom
  • I'm not a good wife
On an optimistic note, our Sunday ended up being fairly fun and rewarding.
  • Went to church
  • Had spaghetti for lunch
  • Mopped the floor
  • Cleaned the baseboards in the dining room
  • Played outside with the girls
  • Spent quality time talking to a new neighbor who is really cool
  • Had a delicious dinner cooked by Daddy-O
  • Read some good books to the l'il chicken hawk 
  • Read my own book while bouncing on the trampoline
  • Went to bed at a decent hour
I am my own worst enemy with finding faults and lacking confidence. Plus, Sundays give me anxiety. 



  1. Are your kids breathing? You are a good mom.

  2. Man I can relate to 99% of that list! Just keep swimming just keep swimming...

  3. You're too hard on yourself! You are amazing!