Thursday, December 12, 2013

3rd Grade Grumbles

We're several months into our oldest chickadee's third grade year and a little over a week to go until Christmas break. It can't come soon enough!

What a school year from hell it's been so far. My daughter has been struggling to keep up with her homework, math concepts, reading comprehension... We just had the parent teacher conference with the teacher a few weeks ago and she told us that she was falling behind, is immature for her age, struggles to focus to keep up, we should get her tested, etc. She claims that her second grade teacher didn't do a good enough job moving her forward.

It made me feel sad and frustrated for my daughter, guilty that I'm not able to do more as a mom and kind of mad at the system. I'd already been staying up until 9:30 and 10:00 p.m. some nights to work with her on all the worksheets and assignments. I've been trying to teach the challenging concepts in fun, different ways. It's so demoralizing.

We've scheduled an appointment with a pediatric neurologist, but the appointment is in January. The teacher recommends getting a tutor in the mean time. I've asked her what I should have the tutor work with her on, since I've never hired one before. She said that if I'd like to talk about it, that I can stop by after school sometime. (Unfortunately, work is a hindrance in that idea.)

Although I work full time, I try to do everything in my power (and beyond) to be involved in my kids' education. I get to work late and leave work early to maximize my time with them at home. I send money and supplies and baked goods every time they're requested. I volunteer. I joined the PTA.

I'm so burnt out. I don't like feeling like my daughter isn't succeeding in school. I also don't like feeling like the public school system is killing her creativity and interest in learning. I'm confused about whether or not she has ADD and how I should best help her if she does. I wonder what changes I should make additionally in our lives; like homeschooling, private school, unschooling.

I guess I'll just take it a day at a time. During Christmas break we'll take some quality family time to catch our breath (and review all the math concepts) and try to focus on the blessings in our lives. I pray the rest of the school year goes smoother.



  1. So hard!!! I have struggled with this with my son and it is a constant effort to help him learn and not be frustrated and balance life! Good luck. I hope you find some answers. And thank goodness for christmas break!

  2. Wow it sounds like a hard place to be. And incredibly frustrating. I hope the pediatric visits do help. It's had because there are so many factors involved. Your doing a great job and hopefully the vacation will be exactly what everyone needs to relax and catch up.

  3. That is super frustrating, I'm disappointed in her teacher to be honest. Sounds like she's pushing her off and calling her a problem without offering genuine help. "Get a tutor" bitch! you help her! ;)

    1. Thanks ladies! I appreciate your supportive words.

      Desiree, you make my heart sing. I felt like that too, but questioned the legitimacy of my suspicions.

      I spoke to another mom with an older son with a learning disability and she said to avoid spending money on gimmicky tutoring solutions; that it's better to do the hard work yourself. But then the teacher said students would respond better to an outside party. ?

      Either way, it's frustrating and I'm secretly dreading the start of school again. Even though, it will be nice to go back to work after this long break...