Sunday, January 19, 2014

Last Days of Diapers

My final days of using diapers are almost here! I think...
My three year old son (L'il Chicken Hawk), my last baby, is almost completely potty trained. We've cloth diapered him from day one except for Pull Ups when he started preschool (cloth diapers prohibited). I'm psyched to have saved substantial dough these past three years. But I just want to be DONE completely.

The more we keep him bare buns, the better he does. The Pull Ups are a crutch; an expensive crutch. He's got the hang of being dry all day, but the poo poo/#2 is the only thing holding him back from underwear.

His bowels are inconsistent, frequent and often loose and messy. Not to mention SMELLY. I attempt all forms of motivational persuasion. He does the best when it's his idea on his terms.

Any day now we'll be in Thomas the Train undies...then again, he told me today that he really wants My Little Pony underwear.  Funny little dude!

Wish me luck on quitting diapers forever!

P.S. He just woke up from his nap and subsequently pooped himself. Damn it.


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