Friday, January 3, 2014

Ringing in the New Year at Knott's Berry Farm

We had a wonderful New Year's Eve day at Knott's Berry Farm! So much that we all bought seasons passes for 2014!

Here is my previous post outlining all the special features at the park that day. We chose to spend most of our day watching the performance and avoiding the long ride lines. The shows were very entertaining and holiday themed. Our three kids (and Daddy O and I) had a blast.

Here are some photos from our day. My ultimate  favorite show was the "It's Christmas Snoopy" on ice. I couldn't believe how incredible and talented the skaters were! The kids were amazed by it too. Knott's New Year's Eve was the perfect way to end the Christmas season and the year 2013. We'll be back to enjoy the park very soon!

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#KnottsNYE | Camp Snoopy Theater
#KnottsNYE | Calico Saloon Show
#KnottsNYE | Mystery Lodge Show
#KnottsNYE | Barb, "Working Mom Barbie", resting her aching feet
#KnottsNYE | It's Christmas Snoopy on Ice

Disclaimer: Giga Savvy provided complimentary tickets for us to attend Knott's New Year's Eve. We experienced genuine excitement and fun.

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