Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Chickadees' Review of Laurie Berkner's New Lullaby Album

Laurie Berkner, one of our favorite children's musicians, came out with a new lullaby CD recently and it is exquisite! Her voice is so soothing and warm and her songs are incredibly catchy. We've been listening to this CD in the car and at home and all sing along together to the songs.

I especially love the beautiful melodies, fun lyrics and some of the new twists on her popular songs (Pillowland, Moon Moon Moon, Goodnight, 5 days old, Under a Shady Tree.) My 6 year old chickadee said it best when she said, "I feel like I'll never grow up when I listen to her music." That's exactly how I feel.

After listening to Laurie Berkner's new album many times, I think one of my favorite of her new songs is Mahalo; it's definitely catchy and upbeat. Her music is geared towards children of young ages, but even appeals to my eight year old; they are not annoyingly babyish or 'sing-songy'.

Laurie is joined on Laurie Berkner Lullabies by band mates Susie Lampert (keyboards), Brady Rymer (bass) and Bob Golden (drums, percussion). The album is enhanced by the voices of children including Laurie’s own daughter, Lucy.

Laurie says of Lullabies, “I have been getting requests for this album for many years. I’ve now been a parent since 2004, and I’ve had a chance to feel that amazing experience of singing my own child to sleep. I’ve written lullabies for her and I’ve sung my favorites from my own childhood to her over the years. To me, making that time feel safe and full of love is so important. I hope some of these songs create some of those feelings and become as special to other families as they have been for mine.”

Here is what my youngest chickadee (6) noted about the album, in graphics and words:
A six year old's review of Laurie Berkner's new lullaby album
  •  Lullaby - I like it a little bit
  • Firefly - it's fun
  • Pillowland - I could fall asleep
  • I like it
  • I love it
  • I feel like I could never grow up
Here is my eight year old chickadee's review of the album in graphics and words:

An eight year old's review of Laurie Berkner's new lullaby album
She tried to put her notes in order, but she tends to get a little distracted... But I love how earnest she is and sweet. She really loves music.

Notes translate to:
  1. Soft and peaceful
  2. Creative talking and singing
  3. Loving and kind
  4. Love the instruments
  5. I like the title
  6. I love the beat
  7. I like the rhyme
  8. I love the melody
  9. Like your voices
  10. Sweet and good
  11. Creative rhyming
  12. It reminds me of Hawaii
  13. Kind of sad
  14. The name sounds weird
  15. Peaceful song 
  16. Grassy
My little chickadees rocking their spunk and creativity
 The album's songs include:
  1. A Lullaby 
  2. Fireflies  
  3. I Gave My Love a Cherry  
  4. Pillowland 
  5. Sing Me a Song    
  6. Under a Shady Tree
  7. Your Beautiful Eyes
  8. Moon Moon Moon 
  9. Hush Little Baby 
  10. All Around My Room   
  11. What Is the Color of My Dreams? 
  12. Mahalo  
  13. All the Planets 
  14. Nona 
  15. Little Boy Blue 
  16. In the Clouds 
  17. Like a Seashell 
  18. All Through the Night
  19. Five Days Old    
  20. Stars Are Shining
  21. Goodnight 
I'm a little melancholy that my chickadees are getting older and will be aging out of some of this fun children's music. I hope they carry these little gems with them in their hearts when life/school/friends gets tougher and it helps ground them in familial love. For me, being from a disconnected/dysfunctional family, listening to Laurie Berkner's music (and similar musicians) with my kids, it helps heal some of my childhood angst.

I highly recommend Laurie Berkner's new lullaby CD for your family!


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