Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Time and the Livin's Easy...

One month of summer vacation down and one left. Now's the time when back to school ads are everywhere, followed by Christmas ads.  (Exaggerating slightly.)

I'm now ten months into my 'new job' and starting to feel acclimated and in a rythym. I don't have as much debilitating anxiety and self doubt. I like everyone I work with and there is always something interesting going on.

This coming week I'm excited to report that we'll be taking an actual week long family vacation! This is a very rare occurrence and I'm excited, but hesitant at the same time. The work at home and at work will pile up and I will quickly get annoyed by my family and their chaos. Thankfully we'll be in the great outdoors so I can hike off any negative energy.  (While searching for a wifi signal.)

I'm always so entrenched in my work and domestic chore routine, that's it's difficult to relax and have fun. Not to mention that managing the children and their constant whining and bickering, detracts from any supposed vacation.

My now ten year old daughter (the one diagnosed with ADD/ODD a few years ago) is increasingly moody, negative, oppositional and straight up RUDE. It's really difficult to be patient, loving and kind with her. She torments her siblings continuously.  I'm at a loss. I would plug her into sports if she didn't day no to every sport I suggest and have her arm in a cast. (No I wasn't the one who broke it.  Lol.) Yet she can be very sweet at times. Especially when she wants something.

What makes weekends and vacations with the family more challenging is having to hear Daddy O bark orders, lecture the kids and basically huff and puff. Parenting is losing its charm.  All the joys are being sucked out, replaced with struggles with discipline, organization, cleanliness, timeliness, manners and more. It's hard to stay positive and enthusiastic.

I am going to try to chronicle my motherhood journey more and write honestly about my struggles. I hope it doesn't come across as excessive complaining.  I'm hoping some of you can relate.

Happy summer to you!