Monday, October 19, 2015

On the Dole Again...

...Just can't wait to be on the dole again... (to the tune of 'On the Road Again').

Yes, here I am again. Unemployed. Full time working mom, turned stay at home mom of three, practically over night. It's actually a HUGE relief. I didn't know how I could sustain the workload and momentum anymore. I'll tell you some of the messy details in a subsequent post. But I'll give you a hint - it involves a few bitches and some sketchy bullshit. F them!

I was feeling very torn and unable to succeed at work or home. Always trying to play catch up, but still feeling like a slacker. Feeling sad and guilty that I was missing the young years with my kids (now 10, 8 and 4.9).

Today was the second day of being an at-homer. I have had high hopes of all I can accomplish at home and do with my kids. From prior experience of being unemployed, I know it's a farce. Because when it comes down to it, the time goes by quickly and a whole day can pass without accomplishing much besides the basics of keeping kids fed, clothed, transported, etc.

Now that we can't pay for childcare, I'll be dropping off my chicken hawk at 8:00 a.m and picking up at 11:30 a.m. Not much time to do anything; but I'm hoping to work on my fitness and get this mom bod buff. (One can dream...) The chickadees will go to after school care three days a week to hold their spot, but I'll probably get them early anyway.

Today I did not make it to the gym. And I picked up my neighbor girls from school to babysit them. So I'm making use of my time helping other working parents out. Which is good. I didn't really want to clean the house anyway. I'd much rather monitor homework time and administer snacks and do double duty discipline.

Well, I need to channel the energy of five children now single handed. Wish me luck.