Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Attempts at Being a Domestic Engineer

Thirty minutes left in the third day of NaBloPoMo...

Whether you're a working mom or a stay at home mom, you've likely daydreamed how awesome it would be to experience the other, more desirable avenue. The grass always seems greener.

I have been adjusting to my new unemployed status and have had aspirations to live in a tidy, organized home, serving well balanced meals and being fully engaged with the children. So far, it's been better, but not perfect. To be honest, a lot of the domestic things I did I would do normally while working anyway, just in more efficient/hurried/agitated manner.
  • Showered and put on my workout clothes (although I never actually made it to they gym all day.) (Not technically 'domestic', but still key to a healthy lifestyle.)
  • Did the chickadees hair to look somewhat put together and cared for. 
  • Washed down the cabinets, baseboards and door in the downstairs bathroom in preparation for touch up paint.
  • Washed the dirt off the veggies my son and I picked at the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago. 
  • Made a delicious breakfast sandwich and coffee that I savored.
  • Listened to a FlyLady podcast on decluttering kids' stuff.
  • Picked up a few cluttered items in the office and assessed where to begin with that dump.
  • Took photos of three household items and posted them on Craigslist to sell. Dealt with one potential buyer.
  • Shuttled back and forth to various schools at varying times.
  • Coordinated homework responsibilities. 
  • Made a nice chicken pot pie dinner. Started early and served too late as it took too long to cook.
  • Made taco/refried beans/green chili dinner for tomorrow night.
  • Swept the floor numerous times.
  • Washed dishes numerous times.
  • Picked up Halloween candy wrappers around the house numerous times.  
  • Solicited fundraiser donations for chickadees' school from family members.
  • Talked to several friends on the phone to lament over my woes.
  • Checked the mail hoping for notice from the unemployment office.
  • Thought about planning a nice Thanksgiving meal this year.
 After achieving underwhelming results from my domestic attempts, I am pondering what types of job opportunities might be available. Career transitions I can make. Part time, flexible, fun, dynamic, interesting, valuable...

As soon as I get the house in order, and my domestic engineering on track, I'll be blasting out my resume. Which could take some time...


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