Friday, November 13, 2015

I'm Impressive!

NaBloPoMo - Day 13

Apparently I impressed the three guys I met with this morning for a potential job. The one guy said I 'blew them away' with my knowledge and ideas. That makes me feel happy and hopeful!

Sometimes I get stuck in a negative loop and don't give myself credit for for all that I am knowledgeable and capable of. I assume what I do is simple and common knowledge. But no matter how much I learn, how much I've done, how much I earn, how many people I know, etc. etc., I'm still a little insecure.

I'm just not one to brag or become full of myself. Humility and authenticity are some of my core values. But as a professional in the United States, it seems you are expected to self promote and exaggerate your knowledge and abilities. I find too much of this extremely nauseating.

We'll see if this opportunity pans out. I don't think they have the budget to pay me what I was making from my full time professional salary, but I have been needing a change. Maybe this is the transition I need to balance my parenting, domestic life, hobbies, writing, exercise and recreation with paid work.

Either way, I can't afford to make less than what unemployment is paying me and what I need to pay for childcare while I'm working. I shouldn't sell myself too short. Bills gotta be paid and retirement savings must be contributed to!

NaBloPoMo November 2015 

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