Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lazy Sunday Mornings Rock

NaBloPoMo - Day 15

It's Sunday morning and I'm still in my pajamas. My l'il Chickenhawk and I have had the weekend together while the others are camping. He's watching Lego cartoon episodes and I'm lounging. For breakfast we had bacon and Toaster Strudels. Yummy and oh so healthy. Normally, as a family, we'd have spent the morning at church and be just getting out. This is very heavenly in my opinion.

Next, I think we'll take a nice bike ride next down the bike path and play on the adjacent playground. Sounds fun and productive. Then maybe go somewhere delicious for lunch. I'm thinking Chinese, Japanese or Thai food. Mmmm... comforting and filling.

As soon as the others return home, it will be chaos, noise, fighting, discipline and chores. I'd like to prolong this peace and tranquility as long as possible.  Yeah, when they arrive home, they will notice that I haven't been very productive or domestic... Sigh...

I did the basics and that should count for something:
  • Swept downstairs
  • Emptied dishwasher
  • Washed dishes in sink by hand
  • Folded two loads of laundry
  • Scooped litterbox
  • Kept all pets fed/alive
  • Kept my son fed/bathed/alive/happy
  • Researched wedding venues in Newport Beach for friend's wedding 
  • Helped another friend learn how to promote her new business
Maybe tomorrow could be a kick ass day for productivity! I have a phone interview and a follow up with the other job. We'll see what the future holds. Hopefully $$$!

NaBloPoMo November 2015 

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