Saturday, November 7, 2015

NaBloPoMo Writing Prompt - Childhood Fears

NaBloPoMo Day 7 

I went to Blog Her for a writing prompt for today's NaBloPoMo post. Today's prompt was about childhood fears. I think my biggest childhood fears were: the dark, bad guys and being left alone. Not much has changed; I still fear these things. Except now I CRAVE being alone, at least for a little while.

These writing prompts remind me so much of my former job's weekly staff meetings. At the end of each already long, drawn out meeting, a staff member would pose a question to the group and we would go around the room providing our response. Many times they would be questions related to childhood. It was so irrelevant to the work place and often times unprofessional. 

It might have served to make us get to know each other better and form closer bonds with our coworkers. Seems great in theory. But in actuality, more times than not, several staff would be cynical, sarcastic and patronizing about it. The executives would often present thought provoking quizzes or personality profiles, showing us how intelligent and savvy they were. Which is fine; actually preferred over the childhood questions. And dear God, there was one time the second tier boss lady told us that her resolution was to have more sex with her husband.  TMI! But heaven forbid if any of us ever got off on a tangent. 

When it was my turn to pose questions, I attempted creative exercises like Limerick poetry. Which was met with groans and eye rolling; no one knew what one was. Very annoying to be in that stifling environment.  I'm so thankful that I'm no longer working there and attending those frightful meetings. 

So when contemplating my fears, in addition to being scared of the dark, bad guys and being alone, here are some of my current professional fears:
  • Working for/with assholes
  • Speaking/presenting to groups
  • Being confronted in a demeaning manner
  • Not being able to be my authentic myself 
  •  Being surrounded with staff who are too done up (hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, Botox, gel nails, pedicures, exposed cleavage, short skirts, fake tans...) I like attractive, aesthetically pleasing appearances, but it's just too much when it's over the top - it's like that is a full time job in itself!
  •  Spending almost two hours a day in my car commuting
  • Working through lunches
  • Missing my kids, the gym and hobbies
  • Feeling like I failure at everything - work, home, etc.
What are some of your fears?

 NaBloPoMo November 2015 


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