Friday, June 9, 2017

Are You There God, It's Me, Unemployed Elle?

Dear God, Odin, Master of the Universe, Almighty One, Father of Mine...
Are you there? Are you listening to me? Do you see me? Obviously I am physically and mentally capable, willing, available and experienced. I would like to be hired for a professional job again, please. Pretty please. With sugar on top.

Perhaps you have a master plan? Perhaps I'm best in this dedicated mom role right now? But I'm getting discouraged and demotivated. The economy is better, there are lots of jobs posted... there should be no reason why I'm not being an opportunity.

Why are hiring managers and organizations so damn flaky and hot/cold? I really need to have a job. Like, months ago. If I have to spend the summer without a job and no summer camp for the children to go to, so help me God, I may really perish.

Stay tuned. Need to hustle to get the little peeps from school. I'll continue my stream-of-conscious prayer in my head to you. I expect results Lord Odin!

1 comment:

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