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The Disgruntled Chick
"All work and no play makes
mommy a disgruntled chick."
Photo Credit: Beatrice Killam
I'm Elle of See Mom Work and I live/work/mom in Orange County, California.

As a working mom, I tend to be a bit disgruntled and sarcastic at times. But I try to find the humor in the daily grind. 

I started this blog with the intent of providing support and resources to fellow working moms. It has evolved from vents about my boss to more upbeat topics like vents about my three kids and the ongoing struggle for work/life balance.

I also gather and share other working moms' stories who experience similar angst. I encourage you to share yours with me - it will remain anonymous.

Find me on Twitter: @SeeMomWork dropping hashtags like #workingmom, #wohm, #worklifebalance and #seemomwork.

Meet the Peeps:
Me - Elle - "The Disgruntled Chick"
Husband - "Daddy-O" 
Oldest Daughter (10) - "Oldest Chickadee"
Youngest Daughter (7) - "Youngest Chickadee"
Son (4) - "L'il Chicken Hawk"

Interesting Tidbits:
  • I'm anti-celebrity gossip
  • I have avoided driving a minivan.  I can fit 3 car seats in the back seat of my sedan (2 Sunshine Kids Radians; 1 Britax Roundabout). 
  • I know how to juggle (literally and figuratively)
  • I can gleek on demand
  • The Running Man is used to be my go-to dance (see below)
  • I pee my pants when I jog, dance, do jumping jacks, jump rope, etc. (but it doesn't stop me)
  • I like to do obstacle course fun runs
  • I've had my share of government cheese as a child
  • I may be addicted to social media
  • I suspect I have adult-onset ADD exaggerated by social media
  • I live for bedtime
I am advertising/PR friendly and will write product reviews, but won't partake in marketing overkill.

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